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Sometimes, classical music pops up in the most unexpected places. As I was into my 5th hour of playing the latest Burnout iteration, I found myself looking at the bios of Debussy, Haendel and Verdi on wikipedia. And as I was trying to simply listen to one tune from start to finish without the controller in hand, It appears to be impossible. If you don't move a finger, the game enters a "screensaver" mode with another classical tune you can't choose. 

Hence the thought: I could live without Burnout. But I could not live without music. The thing is Ive always known these tunes just like everybody, cause they are so popular. But after 5 hours of playing the game, being a bit lost about the online/offline bits and avoiding Avril Lavigne at all cost, for the first time, in a world made of motors, speed and of twisted metal, I fell what Nabucco's slave part was all about. The people at Criterion/EA must be crazy :) And very rich. 

"Yes this is a controller.
No Im not hiding it!"


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