Footloose remake brewing

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Well, when I was a kid, there was this slew of typical american 80's flicks that I kind of grew up with, just like millions of people. Breakfast Club, Top Gun, even Dirty Dancing... and Footloose.


If my sister taught me anything about "being cool" when I was 8 years old, it was through these movies. While being very naive and strongly marketed toward teen audiences, these guilty pleasures remain "classics" in their own right.

And as the trend right now is to revisit the Reagan years, "lost youth" style, Craig Brewer, promising director of Hustle & Flow and the quite impressively bluesy Black Snake Moan (see below), was hired to remake Kevin Bacon's blooming hit.

5764027_gal.jpg black-snake-moan-SPLASH

The movie has just entered post production status. And I am very, very curious about the result, since I don't think it will be a "one for them" movie. Rather a mix of opportunism and talent, very pregnant in American cinema since 9/11. The kind that drove Battlestar's remake to the stars (at least in its first two seasons), JJA as a member of the fleet and Sam Raimi back on the skids again with Spiderman.  

The Footloose remake is scheduled for an incertain 2011 release date. 

Wait & dance...

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