Shadow of the Colossus : vue subjective d'un lac hanté

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Shadow-of-the-Colossus-29109.jpgI wonder as i, Wander ride the solemn and vacant plains of this forbidden land: will i be able to strike down the sixteen colossi? Will I have the strength to accomplish this almost impossible task with my sole horse, my sword, bow and my bare hands? Will she then unrest from her lifeless sleep, as the voice above promised? Now the water is cold and the stone ruins around have a creepy dampness to them. I can sense the creature's lurking presence underneath the pitch black lake. Fear shall not fail me though i can feel distress, melancholy and despair pervading my entire body and soul, with every move, with every breath and with each giant i am endlessly putting down to rest. But love shall not fail me…

Ceci est un extrait d'un long article rédigé
pour une candidature au sein du prestigieux magazine anglais Edge.
La suite de l'article montrait les liens entre l'oeuvre de Fumeto Ueda et la littérature courtoise. 


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